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Frequently Asked Questionslink

What is is a community who collaborate and compete to earn custom-made achievements in classic games through emulation. Achievements are made by and for the community. We provide various custom-built emulators for you to use which will detect when you have completed various challenges. Once logged in, the emulators will post the achievements you've completed back to the site, so you can check and compare your progress to your friends.

Here's an example of RAGens, playing Streets of Rage 2. You will see two leaderboard attempt counters (bottom-right), one achievement popping and finally the overlay (press ESC):


Which emulator do I need to use?link

The official emulators are all Windows-based. For other operating systems you can use RetroArch. More information below:

Official emulatorslink

Please download the emulator of your choice from the download page, log in using your username and password (yeah, you need to create an account first), then load a ROM and play!

How do I access the Achievement Overlay?link

Normally, this will be set up on 'ESC' keyboard key, or the pause function in the game. In most emulators, a game must be active for it to be functional.

Some of the emulators should already be setup assigning a controller button to view the achievement overlay. Generally ESC on the keyboard should activate it, but if you want to assign it to a controller, here are some tricks for some of the official emulators:

  • For RAVBA, go to Tools > Customize and set FilePause to a button.

  • For RASNES, go to Input > Customize Hotkeys and change Pause/Overlay on page 1.

  • For RANES, Config > Map Hotkeys and change Pause to a button (Note: this can crash the emulator, do it without a rom loaded for better chances).

RetroArch emulatorslink

For non-Windows operating systems you need to use RetroArch.

Currently you can earn achievements via RetroArch on the following platforms:

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Mac
  • Android (yes! you can earn cheevos on-the-go with your Android phone!)
  • PlayStation Vita (needs to be hacked with HENkaku)
  • PlayStation 3
  • Wii U
  • Raspberry Pi (recommended systems: RetroPie, lakka and RecalBox

You can get RetroArch on the following links:

Once you installed and did the initial configuration, follow this guide to setup Achievements:

Which RetroArch core should I use?link

Keep in mind that not every RetroArch core is compatible with RetroAchievements. Check this list to see wich one to choose.

How can I see the badge when I earn a cheevo on RetroArch?link

RetroArch doesn't support this feature. When you earn a cheevo you only see a text with the achievement title and then the description. There is a topic about this on the RetroArch's issue tracker, but it doesn't seem to be a priority for any active developer. Are you a C coder and wanna give it a try? Any contribution is very welcome!

Will RetroAchievements support PlayStation?link

Short answer: Yes, it will. But there's no estimated time of arrival.

Long answer: The current method of creating achievements has limitations that directly influence the quality of the achievements. PlayStation games are a bit more complex than those for consoles already supported here (except maybe Nintendo 64). And consequently the achievements for PS games deserve a greater elaboration and care. We all have great respect for the PlayStation console, and that is exactly why we want to implement improvements in the toolkit used to build achievements before adding this support.

My welcome email has gone missing!link

Unfortunately sometimes the welcome email has been known to go missing. If this happens, please log in with your username/password you registered with, then visit your settings page. At the top you'll find the option to resend your registration email.

Where can I find ROMs?link

Not here. It is illegal to host or distribute copyrighted ROMs. However we have a page about Free Games where you can find some really cool homebrews.

Why is my game not loading up achievement?link


  1. It doesn't have achievements.
  2. You have the incorrect rom.

A good practice is to check the official game's forum topic. If you still don't have an answer check this page here for more details: My game is not loading achievements.

What is hardcore mode?link

Hardcore mode is an additional feature to separate out the good gamers from the great gamers: Hardcore mode disables all savestate ability in the emulator: you would not be able to save and reload at any time. You would have to complete the game and get the achievements first time, just like it were on the original console. In reward for this, you will earn both the standard and the hardcore achievement, in effect earning double points! A regular game worth 400 points, is now worth 800 if you complete it fully on hardcore! For example: if you complete the game fully for 400 points, you then have the opportunity to earn another 400 on hardcore.

If you want to play with the hardcore mode disabled (also known as "softcore"), expect to have some issues. Read in this link Why you shouldn't use the load state feature.

This achievement didn't trigger! (or triggered at a wrong time)link

There's a feature built-in to the official emulators only (not on RetroArch) that allows you to report broken achievements that occur at the wrong time, or not at all. Go to the RetroAchievements -> Report Broken Achievements.

See this example:

how to report.

There's also a way to report broken cheevos directly via website. On every achievement's page you see a link saying Report an issue for this achievement, like in the image below:


Add details of the state of your game, when it triggered/didn't trigger, what game mode, where you were when it happened/didn't happen, if you had reset the game recently, anything else you think may be relevant to the achievement. This is necessary for our system so the devs know where there is a problem.

Am I the only one with an issue?link

If an achievement doesn't pop for you, there is a very good chance it doesn't work for other people. You can check in the achievement's page and look for where it says 'The achievement has 'X' open tickets':


If the game has tickets, click on the 'open tickets' link. There will be a list to show any reports of broken achievements. You can comment on these to say you have a problem with this achievement too.

I completed a hard cheevo but it didn't trigger, can it be manually awarded to me?link

Yes. But you need to follow the following steps:

  1. Open a ticket describing with details the problem you had with the achievement. Check the previous question/answer to learn how to submit a ticket.
    1. If the achievement wasn't registered on the site due to a network problem, you don't need to open a ticket.
  2. Get a proof/evidence that you completed the cheevo (perfect example of ideal proof provided by gr1nya). Acceptable proofs:
    1. Screenshots that show that one is playing in hardcore and have completed the achievement.
    2. Video of such (even better).
    3. Examples of achievements you've earned that supersede this achievement, e.g. You got the achievment for 10k points but the one for 5k points didn't trigger.
  3. Post in the #help-me channel of our Discord server tagging @admin or an user with admin role, providing the following info:
    1. The link to the achievement page
    2. What mode you were playing (hardcore/softcore)
    3. The link to your proof (screenshot, video, whatever)

I want to make achievements!link

Good to hear! The best place to start is here: Getting Started as an Achievement Developer. Once you're familiar with the Memory Inspector and the other Achievements related dialogs, you can go to other Developer Docs.

Please don't hesitate to ask if you need help, don't struggle! The most important thing is to make sure you're enjoying whatever it is you're doing. If you're not having fun, don't do it. But if you get frustrated and want to persist, just drop a message on the forums or in Discord server and someone will get back to you shortly.

What are the White points?link

White points are secondary based on how hard an achievement is. Explained here in detail.

What's considered cheating (for hardcore)? What if I find evidence of a cheater?link

Exploiting of achievement sets and deliberate alteration or modification of game, emulator, memory, speed (fast-forward allowed) or set. Loading battery saves to get achievements out of place without earning them during normal gameplay.

All in-game cheats are disallowed unless it's specified in the achievement's description or comments in the achievement's page.

We live by an honor code most of all. If you find an evidence of a cheater, send the evidence to RAdmin or email to

What if I got an achievement I didn't earn?link

Same with not getting it when you should in most cases you'll want to create a ticket report (see above), leaving an explanation of what went wrong. You'll also want to remove these achievements from your account so you can get the satisfaction of truly earning them.

Reset Achievement
Resetting unearned achievements

How do I reset my password? (If I don't remember my password)link

Right Here:

On Site, front page, while not logged in: reset password