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AndNext and OrNext Flags

AndNext and OrNext are used to associate more than one condition to a [[ResetIf|ResetIf Flag]], [[PauseIf|PauseIf Flag]], or [[Hit Count|Hit Counts]].

AndNext and OrNext can be chosen in the Flag column of the Achievement Editor

When a condition has the AndNext flag, the condition must be true in addition to the following condition for the following condition to be considered true.

When a condition has the OrNext flag, the condition or the following condition must be true for the following condition to be considered true.

You can chain multiple AndNext and OrNext conditions to create complex requirements for a single ResetIf, PauseIf, or Hit Count.

When evaluating a combination of AndNext and OrNext conditions, each line is evaluated individually.

AndNext A=1
OrNext  B=1
AndNext C=1
OrNext  D=1
AndNext E=1
ResetIf F=1

Represents the following logical statement:

reset if (((((A = 1 && B = 1) || C = 1) && D = 1) || E = 1) && F = 1)

[[Alt Groups]] are still preferred over OrNext for most use cases. They allow for multiple conditions to be present in each clause of the OR, and support more than two clauses.

AndNext is not required for simple logic. All conditions in a group are automatically AND'd together. AndNext just allows for two or more conditions to affect a single PauseIf, ResetIf, or Hit Count.


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