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Rollouts are events that are meant to mimic a console launch. Developers participating in rollouts devote their time to working on achievement sets with the intent of having several sets ready once the console is supported for all players.

General Guidelines

It's worth noting that these are general guidelines that apply to all rollouts. Individual rollouts may require addtional guidelines.

  • Each rollout needs a coordinator/manager to handle a variety of tasks to ensure the rollout goes smoothly.

    • Task of Coordinator(s)/Manager(s)
      • Gauging interest from achievement developers.
      • Keeping track of claims to ensure there's no overlap and to keep the claims manager(s) up-to-date.
      • Having close communication with participants to answer questions and to resolve any conflicts that may arise.
      • Reporting emulator/core bugs and other issues to tech-team.
      • Provide necessary information to the RANews team, if applicable.
      • Maintaining a schedule so developers know when they are to officially claim their picks in the forum, when playtesters can start testing sets, and when the console's support will officially launch.
      • Ensuring the console ID is validated on the website when support launches, or at least be in contact with the web team to do so.
  • Developers are limited to leading one set at a time, but may collaborate on as many sets as they wish. Upon completion of a set, they are to notify QA to look over their set and sign them off, which allows them to move on to their next pick, if applicable.

  • As per the Developer Code of Conduct, Developers must be free of unaddressed tickets in order to have their claims locked in. They must also have an open claim slot.

  • Since the overall goal of a rollout is to provide sets to launch with a console's support, developers who go inactive or otherwise end up not working on the chosen sets will have their claim lapsed. In other words, claiming a set just to sit on it will not fly and will result in a lapse.

Rollout Process

  • When a previously unsupported console becomes viable to work on achievements, developers are to be asked individually if they would like to participate in a console's rollout. If they are interested, they are to pick one game as their priority pick, but may provide a list of additional games as backup.
  • The overall list is then sorted to see if there are any overlapping picks. If a priority pick is exclusive to one developer, they can be locked in for that pick. If multiple developers share the same priority pick, they will be encouraged to collaborate.

Previous Rollouts

Launch DateConsoleNumber of Sets on Launch DayRelevant Links
2019-09-07PlayStation28Forum Topic
2021-10-01PlayStation Portable38Forum Topic
2022-02-12Dreamcast34Forum Topic
2022-03-28Amstrad CPC30Forum Topic
Forum Topic
2022-07-28Fairchild Channel F
Mega Duck
Forum Topic
2022-10-01PlayStation 292Forum Topic
2023-04-16Nintendo DSi45Forum Topic
2023-06-04Atari Jaguar CD12Forum Topic
2023-07-01Interton VC 4000
Elektor TV Games Computer
Arcadia 2001
Forum Topic
2023-08-12Uzebox30Forum Topic
2023-11-15Neo Geo CD23Forum Topic
PendingCommodore 64??Pending
PendingZX Spectrum??Pending

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