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Achievement Set Requirements

Every Achievement Set MUST Have

  • All game page information filled out, and game images uploaded (if you're not a full-dev, send the images to the code-reviewers).
  • Game Badges for each achievement (they don't need to be distinct from each other, just don't leave them blank).
  • Content covering up to completion so long as the game can be beaten. Whether it be defeating the final boss, completing a first loop, or completing all puzzles, achievement sets that do not cover at least beating the game are deemed unfinished and therefore subject to demotion. Arcade-style games where the focus is on high scores (such as Pac-Man and Crystal Castles) are exempt from this rule.
    • Regarding compilation games, such as Intellivision Classic Games (PlayStation), it is not required for every game in the compilation to have achievements. However, those that do have achievements must adhere to the above policy.
  • Progression and Win Conditions marked on applicable achievements. See Progression and Win Condition Typing for full guidelines
  • Protection for situations where the players can get achievements without effort, such as:
  • Basic Rich Presence.
  • Leaderboards for scores and time challenges.
  • Adding the Missable Type to applicable achievements, especially for RPGs and long games.
    • Avoid overuse. If most of an achievement set is marked as missable, the mark becomes meaningless for that set.
    • Prior to the addition of Missable-Typing, the use of [m] in the end of achievement's title was the standard format to mark missables. Do Not mark missable achievements in this way. Use the achievement-type system instead.
  • An achievement guide. Guides can be created and posted here.
  • For games with text-triggered achievements (especially RPGs) it's recommend to find an event flag instead of hooking onto text or text ID. Text presentation varies between regional versions making multi-region support difficult.

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