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Basic Info

DevJam is an ongoing developer event that is heavily inspired by our console rollouts: Developers sign up, get locked into developing sets for a specific console, get signed off once completed, and then we release all the sets at once on the launch date. However, with DevJam, the primary focus will be rollouts for supported consoles that did not get them. Some DevJams will focus on a single console. Others may focus on two consoles.

Once we "break even" and run out of consoles, the focus will shift to quarterly goals, completing sets for hubs, genre-specific crunch times, etc.

Time and Duration

A DevJam lasts three months. Some will go on longer if the situation calls for it (Saturn had an extra month due to site outages and multiple dev events going on at the time). Some may be shorter if all claims are signed off.


  • Notify the event host(s) when you make a claim!
  • Sets claimed for the event will be marked as "Free Rollout" claims so they will not count against a developer's claim total. However, they will only be "free" during that quarter! Early and existing claims won't be marked as "free" until the start of the quarter. If a set isn't done in time for launch, it will become a standard claim. Also, like rollouts, devs can only have one free claim at a time!
  • Once a set has been signed off, it will be marked as "Release Scheduled" and is to be promoted on the launch date.
  • Event host(s) may request permission to promote your set(s) to core on the launch date in case you are unavailable.
  • If a set is promoted early, it will be disqualified from DevJam. The developer may make another submission if they wish.

The Badge

  • The event badge consists of 24 achievements and each achievement will be unlocked for every point earned at the end of the quarter.
  • There will be at least 6 earnable achievements per quarter. These can be split up, which allows for devs to take part in the event at their own pace, but will require some dedication. They could get 1 achievement in the first quarter, 3 in the second quarter, 2 in the third quarter, etc.
  • Point values may vary between quarters depending on the console(s) selected.
  • A chart detailing the current quarter's point system is at the bottom of this page.


Are late submissions still eligible for bonus points from Quarterly Goals?

  • They wouldn't be quarterly goals then, would they? No.

Can I double-dip with DevQuest, CL100, and other events?

  • Yes.

Will there be a second badge?

  • If this goes well and there's enough demand for a 'Round Two' badge, sure.

Can Junior Devs participate?

  • The nature of the event goes against several aspects of the Junior Dev program so as of now, no.
  • Junior Devs may feel encouraged to rush a set.
  • The promotion of Junior Dev sets is a big part of the process so having a set be "Release Scheduled" would waste a lot of time.
  • Code Reviewers would need to work around the DevJam schedule.
  • The amount of Junior Devs that end up losing the role due to inactivity or do 1-2 sets and disappear far outnumber those who stick around to get full dev. This could result in locked claims!

DevJam List

Check the links here for console-specific guidelines and info:

NumberTimeConsole(s)Number of ParticipantsSets Promoted
012023-07-01 - 2023-09-30Sega SG-10003060
022023-10-01 - 2024-01-31Sega Saturn2856
032024-02-01 - 2024-04-30PC Engine/PC Engine CD2860
042024-05-01 - 2024-07-31ArcadeTBATBA

Planned DevJams

Solo Console DevJams:

  • 3DO
  • PC-8001/8801
  • Apple II
  • MSX
  • Famicom Disk System

Multi-Console DevJams:

  • Sega CD | Sega 32X
  • Master System | Game Gear
  • Neo Geo Pocket | WonderSwan | Atari Lynx
  • Atari 2600 | Atari 7800 | Atari Jaguar
  • ColecoVision | Intellivision

End of the Line for Console-Specific DevJams:

  • "Bottom of the Barrel" (Pokemon Mini, Virtual Boy, Magnavox Odyssey2, PC-FX)
  • "The Magnificent Seven" (Mega Drive, Nintendo 64, SNES, Game Boy, Game Boy Advance, Game Boy Color, NES)

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