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Welcome to the RetroAchievements documentation!

The docs are currently under heavy construction so be sure to check back often! Each section appears in the sidebar, but here is a brief explanation of the categories:

  • Guidelines: Details community, user/player, developer, and content policies.
  • General: FAQ, getting started, support/troubleshooting, and other info that can be useful to all members of the community.
  • Achievement Development: Extensive information on both the conceptual and technical aspects of making achievements.

We encourage all community members to join our Discord Server; we use this for most communication.



Last 10 changes on this page:

  • [2023-11-28 14:29] televandalist: Removed the RA logo from the top since the link was broken
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  • [2023-04-13 15:08] televandalist: Removed the links to pages that deal with specific support questions. They should/will be merged with a support section or the FAQ to declutter the home page.
  • [2023-04-13 14:51] televandalist: Removed link to "Free Games" section. While they are free homebrews, the downloads are typically on site if they actually have a set. If they aren't, they should be.
  • [2022-08-23 20:22] Jazerus: grammar fixes
  • [2022-02-18 21:24] televandalist: Add Event page link
  • [2021-04-21 10:23] meleu: french docs are yet incomplete
  • [2020-09-07 09:06] meleu: add Manifesto