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The PauseIf flag can be chosen in the Flag column of the Achievement Editor.

PauseIf is usually used to prevent hit counts from going up during a specific situation (like when the game is paused). It's used when you want to keep previously earned hit count, but don't want to increment it or reset it while something else is going on.

When a group is processed, first all PauseIf are evaluated in order. As soon as any PauseIf is true, the group stops processing. This means that any PauseIfs after the true PauseIf will not be evaluated. This allows one PauseIf to prevent another PauseIf from collecting hits, but it's usually better to write the second PauseIf with an AndNext to limit when it collects hits.

This also means that any ResetIfs in the group will not be processed while the group is paused. To reset the hit count on a PauseIf, you must place the ResetIf in an alt group or attach a ResetNextIf to the PauseIf.

Delta values are not affected by paused groups. The value returned by a delta read will still be from the previous frame, not from the frame just before the group was paused.

PauseIf with hit counts

A PauseIf condition with a hit count target will only trigger when the hit count target is met. Once the hit count target is met, the group remains paused until the hit count is reset by a ResetIf in another group or a ResetNextIf attached to the PauseIf. You may hear this referred to as a PauseLock.

A PauseIf without a hit count will automatically unpause when the condition is no longer true.

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