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This feature will be available at the RA_Integration version 1.4 milestone for developers, with support to be added for rcheevos version 11.4 milestone.

A Recall value is the the last value stored by the Remember Flag

The Recall accumulator's value is for the current frame's evaluation of logic. It does not persist between evaluations and does not maintain its value for use in a later evaluation. Each group (Core, Alt1, Alt2, etc) has its own separate Recall accumulator; a value remembered in one group therefore cannot be recalled in another group. Using Recall before a value is remembered in using the Remember condition will generate a warning in the asset editor.

Examples of how it can be used:

  • Recall a calculated value for multiple uses in logic.
  • Continuous operation on remembered values to perform more complicated math than Add Source and Sub Source can accomplish.
  • Recall a calculated address+offset for use in Add Address

To use a remembered value, specify the Recall operator as the Type of operand:


In this snippet, the recalled value is compared for equality with a constant value of 5.

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