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PauseIf Flag

The PauseIf can be chosen in the Flag column of the Achievement Editor

While true, the PauseIf pauses activity for all conditions in the same group. It does not pause conditions in other groups (more about Alt Groups below).

Note: keep in mind that all conditions in the sentence above includes ResetIf conditions! In other words ResetIf won't work while a PauseIf is active.

The PauseIf is usually used to prevent hit counts from going up during a specific situation (like pausing the game). It's used when you want to keep previously earned hit count, but don't want to increment it or reset it while something else is going on.

PauseIf with hit countslink

A PauseIf condition with a hit count target will only trigger when the hit count target is met. Once the hit count target is met, the group remains paused until a ResetIf condition in another group is true or until the game is reset. A PauseIf without a hit count will unpause when the condition is no longer true.


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