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AddSource Flag

Note: most likely this technique is not needed for simple games. So, it's not mandatory for jr-devs.

The AddSource can be chosen in the Flag column of the Achievement Editor

When a condition has the Add Source flag, the value on that memory address is added to the value of the address on the condition right below, and the comparison is made on the condition below the one with the Add Source flag. It may sound a bit confusing, but the example below will clarify how this works:

Add Source Example

In this example the value in 0x8010 will be added to the value in 0x8020 and the comparison is if this sum is greater than zero.

If the value in 0x8010 is 1 and the value in 0x8020 is 2, the comparison will be 1 + 2 > 0, or 3 > 0.

Note: All the comparison fields on the condition with the Add Source flag are ignored.

Trying to summarize the explanation in an image:

Add Source Explained

Note: you can use the Add Source flag to sum more addresses, like in the example below:



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