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Creating Entries

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Naming Conventions

Regional Titles

When both English and Japanese titles are used in an RA entry's title, the Japanese title should only be first when the game was never officially released in English, making whatever English title used an unofficial title.

  • Example: Trials of Mana | Seiken Densetu 3, which is fine because an official English release came much later. Before that, everyone used Secret of Mana 2 as the English title, in which case the RA entry's title would have been Seiken Densetsu 3 | Secret of Mana 2.


  • ~Demo~
  • ~Hack~
  • ~Homebrew~
  • ~Prototype~
  • ~Test Kit~
  • ~Unlicensed~

Multiple Tags

In cases where ~Demo~ or ~Prototype~ are used alongside ~Hack~ or ~Homebrew~, they are to be listed after the latter.

  • Example: ~Homebrew~ ~Demo~ Bob's Game instead of ~Demo~ ~Homebrew~ Bob's Game. The reason for this is that no matter what stage the game is in, it will always be a homebrew or a hack; therefore, those tags should take priority.

Unlicensed vs Hack

In cases where a game is unlicensed and is actually just a hack of another game, then ~Hack~ would be used instead of ~Unlicensed~

  • Example: Final Fantasy VII on NES, which is a bootleg/pirate release, but it's actually just a hack of Final Fantasy III that was put on a cartridge. So the RA entry would be Hack Final Fantasy VII.

Articles and Pipe Separators

Since the A/An/The articles are moved to the back of a title (but BEFORE a subtitle), then we should also do this when there is a pipe separator between regional titles.

  • Example: instead of Garfield Labyrinth | The Real Ghostbusters | Mickey Mouse IV, which is what it is currently, we use Garfield Labyrinth | Real Ghostbusters, The | Mickey Mouse IV. The reason for this is because we may eventually have a way to set which titles we view by default.


Linking Bootlegs

Bootleg/Pirate games are NOT to be linked to hubs for the series they're ripping off.

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