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Editing Leaderboards

  1. Before making updates to a leaderboard, you must backup each modified conditional line on the comment (if too long use Pastebin link)

  2. After editing a leaderboard, if you are fixing, adding, or removing entries, you must leave a comment about changes you have made and why.

  3. A leaderboard's concept/design should not be changed once players have begun submitting entries. Exceptions are as follows:

    A. If a leaderboard has a bug in which a correction would result in a discrepancy between between pre and post fix LB submissions, this would be considered a fundamental change and it may be most appropriate to "retire" the leaderboard and create a new corrected LB.

    B. If a protection needs to be added to the cancel field in a leaderboard, for example to eliminate point farming/leaching (Areas where a game generates an endless number of things, such as items, money, or enemies), it may be preferable to either “retire” or create an additional leaderboard. "Retiring" a leaderboard means preventing future submissions.

  4. If a developer wishes to create a new concept for a leaderboard, a new one should be added.

  5. If a developer wants to implement a fundamental change to a leaderboard while keeping it intact, a revision vote is required. “Fundamental changes” involve the following:

    A. Changes to how players submit scores.

    B. Changes to submission requirements that impact difficulty and or strategy.

  6. A Jr. Developer may only change, add, or remove a leaderboard with a code-reviewer that goes through the revision process with them.

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