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Multi-Disc Games

m3u files

Changing discs on Playstation requires creating a playlist file (.m3u) for your discs. This may sound intimidating but it's actually very simple.

Step 1: Place your .bin and .cue files in the desired location.

Step 2: Open Notepad

Step 3: Type the names of your .cue files exactly as they're named on your files. When you're finished your text document should look something like this:

When you're finished save the text document in the same location as your game discs with whatever name you like.

Step 4: Rename the document, changing the extension from .txt to .m3u

NOTE: If you can't see the .txt extension at the end of your text document title you need to change your settings to show known file extensions. In Windows 10 it's very simple, you can find that on your folder under 'View' and a checkbox reading 'File name extensions'

Now you're done! Simple, huh? From here on out, when you start the game, load it using the .m3u file you've just created.

NOTE: If you have already played the first disc of a game and find your saves no longer there, you can retrieve them by navigating to your emulators 'saves' folder, finding the save for your first disc and renaming it to match the .m3u you've created. for example:

'Metal Gear Solid (v1.1) (Disc 1).mcr' > 'Metal Gear Solid (v1.1).mcr'

Changing Discs in RAlibretro

To change discs on RAlibretro, when the game prompts you, go to the file menu and follow these steps

Step 1: File > CD-ROM > Open Tray

Step 2: File > CD-ROM > Desired Disc

Step 3: File > CD-ROM > Close Tray

And that's it!

Changing Discs in Retroarch

You'll find the option in Retroarch under 'Quick Menu > Disk Control'

Step 1: Select 'Disk Cycle Tray Status' (Note: If you have the 'Pause when menu activated' option on, you'll need to turn the menu off and on again so that the game knows the disc tray has been opened)

Step 2: Select 'Disk Index' (Left and right to change discs)

Step 3: Select 'Disk Cycle Tray Status' again

And you're done!

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