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How to configure OBS Studio to see the popups

In "Window Capture" mode, OBS Studio will not capture the popups. The popups are rendered using a "Layered Window", and OBS Studio removed support for capturing layered windows

If you want to include the popups in your stream, you have two options: change to "Display Capture" mode, or add a second "Window Capture" for the "TransparentOverlayWindow". This page will attempt to walk you through doing the second.

Add a second "Window Capture" source to the Scene. In the popup dialog, select the "TransparentOverlayWindow".

Add second "Window Capture"

You'll probably notice the window is pink.

Pink overlay

Add a filter to the second "Window Capture"

Add filter

Add a "Color Key" filter, set the Key Color Type to "Custom Color", then use the Select Color dialog to enter #FF01FE as the color. Decrease the similarity to 1 and the opacity to 90.

Color Key properties

Finally, if you still have a bit of a pink border showing up, enable a Scale Filter. They all seem to eliminate the remnant, so choose whichever you like best.

Scale Filter

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