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Emulator Support and Issues

Supported Consoleslink

Console ID Console Name Standalones Cores RALib Support Notes
1 • Sega Genesis
• Mega Drive
RAGens Genesis Plus GX Yes
2 Nintendo 64 Project64 ParaLLEl N64
3 • SNES
• Super Famicom
• Satellaview
• Sufami Turbo
RASnes9x Snes9x Yes
4 Game Boy RAVBA Gambatte
Mednafen VBA-M
Yes • mGBA crashes when unloading the core because RALibretro doesn't implement the camera interface
5 Game Boy Advance RAVBA mGBA
Mednafen VBA-M
VBA Next
6 Game Boy Color RAVBA Gambatte
Mednafen VBA-M
7 • NES
• Famicom
• Famicom Disk System
RANes FCEUmm Yes
8 • TurboGrafx-16
• PC Engine
• TurboGrafx-CD
• PC Engine CD
• SuperGrafx
Mednafen PCE-Fast
Mednafen SuperGrafx
Yes • SuperGrafx games only work on the Mednafen SuperGrafx core
9 • Mega CD
• Sega CD
Genesis Plus GX Yes • Current does not support multi-disc games
• Appears to still have unmapped RAM (Ecco 1+2)
10 Sega 32X PicoDrive Yes • Several games are problematic
11 • Master System
• Mark III
RAMeka Genesis Plus GX Yes
12 PlayStation Mednafen PSX
13 Atari Lynx Mednafen Handy Yes
14 • Neo Geo Pocket
• Neo Geo Pocket Color
Mednafen Neopop Yes
15 Game Gear RAMeka Genesis Plus GX Yes
17 Atari Jaguar Virtual Jaguar Yes • No savestate support
Many issues with the emulation
18 Nintendo DS DeSmuMe Needs Work • No Microphone Support
• No DSi support
23 Magnavox Odyssey 2 O2EM
24 Pokemon Mini PokeMini
25 Atari 2600 Stella Yes
27 Arcade FinalBurn Neo Yes • Needs Updated Board List
• Some boards may not be fully exposed
28 Virtual Boy Mednafen VB Yes
29 MSX blueMSX Yes • Hash relies on dsk file not being modified
33 SG-1000 RAMeka Genesis Plus GX
38 Apple II RAppleWin No
39 Saturn Mednafen Saturn Yes
43 3DO Interactive Multiplayer Opera Yes
44 ColecoVision RAMeka blueMSX Yes
46 Vectrex VecX Yes
47 • PC-6001
• PC-8001
• PC-8801
RAQuasi88 Quasi88 No • Quasi88 crashes RALib when loading core. Core writes over dsk file when emulator writes to dsk - this breaks hashing
49 PC-FX Mednafen PC-FX Yes
51 Atari 7800 ProSystem Yes
53 • WonderSwan
• WonderSwan Color
Mednafen Cygne Yes

Supported But Not Validatedlink

Console ID Console Name Standalones Cores RALib Support Notes

Unsupported Consoleslink

Console ID Console Name Standalones Cores RALib Support Notes
16 GameCube Dolphin Needs work Generates sound but not video in RALibretro
19 Wii Dolphin Needs work Crashes RALib when testing
20 Wii U Untested
21 PlayStation 2 Play Low compatibility with most commercial games; black screen with stuttering sound
22 Xbox
26 DOS Needs work Needs a reliable hashing method
30 Commodore 64 vice Needs Work • Cannot find save disk for games like Bard's Tale and Maniac Mansion
• Uncertain how core handles writing to disk - may affect hashing
• How to handle multi-disk games that come in a zip without an m3u
31 ZX81 EightyOne Needs Work • Memory not exposed.
32 Oric
34 Vic-20 Needs Work Untested with proper BIOS.
35 Amiga P-UAE Needs Work • Seems to run fine if zips are loaded. Memory is not exposed.
36 Atari ST Hatari Needs Work • Memory not exposed. Games seem to run fine.
37 Amstrad CPC Cap32 Needs Work • Memory is exposed
• Has 'maching-gun' audio bug in several games depending on machine selected.
37 Amstrad CPC CrocoDS Needs Work • Memory is NOT exposed. Seems to run fine. Several games tested.
40 Dreamcast flycast Needs Work runs too fast; crashes when unloading core
41 PlayStation Portable PPSSPP Needs Work • Runs too fast, but speed seems to normalize when the PSP UI is brought up, or in one case, the in-game menu. Might need a frame-limiter.
• Memory is exposed and shows 32MB of RAM, but the mapping may require some work. In one game, the address 0xbe86b4 shows up in the inspector's memory map as 0xbe86b04.
42 Philips CD-I Untested
45 Intellivision FreeIntv Needs Work • Controls are much better than they were
• Crashes if game is reset
• Some crashes that might be related to Intellivoice
48 PC-9800 np2kai Needs Work • Memory is not exposed. Ran all 10 games tested.
50 Atari 5200 Atari800 Needs Work Appears to work fine, the core itself is a bit of a headache, though.
52 Sharp X68K px68k Untested with proper BIOS
54 Cassette Vision
55 Super Cassette Vision Currently only playable in MAME, which is unsupported.
56 Neo Geo CD NeoCD Appears fully functional. Needs hashing method
57 Fairchild Channel-F FreeChaF Exposes memory, but has some control issues
58 FM Towns
59 ZX Spectrum FUSE • Requires rcheevos memory map to leverage memory descriptors
• Requires ability to map keyboard to port 3 (RALibretro)
• Uncertain about save support; cannot seem to insert save disk
60 Game & Watch gw Doesn't expose memory
61 Nokia N-Gage
62 Nintendo 3DS Citra Core doesn't load at all.

Does Not Have Console IDlink

Console ID Console Name Standalones Cores RALib Support Notes
PocketStation pockystation Core doesn't seem functional even in Retroarch
Sega PICO Picodrive Can't be controlled fully, needs controls related to turning pages in attached books
TIC-80 TIC-80
Tomson TO8/TO8D Theodore
Sharp X1 X1 Millennium Untested with proper BIOS.


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