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Achievement Set Revisions

Revisions - Working on Sets with Existing Achievementslink

Revisions, as in working on a set that has existing achievements typically requires community approval by presenting your plan in the forum and presenting your plan in the #revision-voting channel in Discord. Not all changes need approval.

Preparing your planlink

Any developer wanting to revise a set need to:

  1. Prepare a plan for each (where you're not the original author)

    • Addition
    • Demotion
    • Achievement rework
    • Change to leaderboards
    • Update in rich presence
  2. Resolve the open tickets for all achievements that will be kept in the set.

  3. Present the plan

    • In the game page forum thread in full
    • In #revision-voting post a link to it

Getting Community Approvallink

Anyone in the community can express their concerns or objections. Allow time for discussion and for the developer to adjust their plan if they decide to. If any concerns or objections were expressed, regardless of the developer adjusting the plan, a vote will take place.

Once the discussion has settled a vote should be posted by a developer in the #revision-voting channel.

The vote is approved/rejected after 72 hours. It is pass/fail by simple majority.

When making a revisionlink

  • Do not make copies of existing achievements, or clone and demote existing copies. If there are issues with current achievements make fixes to the existing ones.

  • If you are adding a similar concept to one found in the set, where possible reuse the old concept and update it rather than make a new one.

This prevents players from needing to unnecessarily re-earn achievements, restricts needless changes to sets, and preserves good quality developer work and concepts.

After approvallink

If producing the revision is taking a longer time, every two months (+/- 2 weeks) make a new post in the official forum topic explaining your current progress and renewing the revision. Not doing so will invalidate the revision; the revision plan will need to get new approval.

No need for approvallink

  • Adding rich presence to an entry that doesn't have rich presence.

  • Making changes to an achievement where you are the original author and no other developer has revised it.

  • Resolving tickets or bugs on achievements made by developers who have have 10 or more open tickets that are older than two months (you can see their open tickets from the Ticket Manager). This developer is considered inactive in their tickets. In these cases you're only allowed to fix the achievement to match the description; do not change the intention of the achievement without going through the revision process above. If you find a problem with an achievment that has an active developer either create a ticket or contact them to assist in resolution.

  • Adding battery save, cheat code, or password protections to achievements where the developer is inactive. (be sure to properly test your changes). If they are active, either create a ticket or contact them to assist applying the improvements.

  • Making changes to game page information and screenshots (but make backup of previous images in forum. Regarding the game icon, check the Game Icon Gauntlet process)

  • Updating badges (keep in mind the guidelines here)

Making changes to game icons/trophieslink

Due to the importance of game icons making changes to these these are handled through a community vote. See Game Icon Gauntlet.


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