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Hash Labels

Every ROM that is linked to an achievement set should be clearly identified and labeled. These labels help players know which versions of a game are compatible as well as if there are any translation patches, bug fixes, cosmetic hacks, quality of life hacks, etc. that they can use.

Info for Linked Hasheslink

  • RA Hash: Check Game Identification to learn more about these. These appear in Manage Hashes automatically.
  • Filename - Filename should be entered as the description. These are typically automatic, but may need some adjustments.
  • Labels - You can use the labels listed below by using the filename of the image (no extension).


Image Label to Use Note
main-label main Sometimes used to show the primary ROM used by the set developer(s)
RAPatches rapatches Used when the hash requires a patch hosted on RAPatches
no-intro-label nointro The most common for cartridge-based games
redump-label redump The most common for disc-based games
wozaday-label wozaday Apple II preservation group
tosec-label tosec
fb-neo-label fbneo Mostly used for Arcade
clean-cpc cleancpc Amstrad preservation project
4am-crack 4amcrack Used for Apple II
neo-kobe-label neokobe Mostly for PC-8001 and PC-8801
homebrew homebrew Used for, you guessed it: Homebrews!
atari-age-label atariage Popular site for Homebrews
itch-io-label itchio Popular site for Homebrews
msu-1-label msu1 Used to mark SNES ROMs with MSU-1 patches
snes-mini snesmini
project-egg-label egg ROMs purchased from Project Egg, typically Japanese PC games.
steam-label steam ROMs purchased from Steam.
mamesl-label mamesl MAME Software List
smwcentral-label smwcentral Popular repository for Super Mario World hacks.
rhdn-label rhdn Popular repository for ROM hacks
goodtools-label goodtools
nongood-label nongood
offline-list-label offlinelist


Deja Vu (NES)link


  • The first hash is the USA version of the game with an Uncensored patch applied to it. The full text of the description is Deja Vu (USA) (Uncensored) (v1.0) (usertheloset).nes, which follows the RAPatches naming scheme. The labels used are nointro and rapatches.
  • The second hash is the No Intro-verified USA version of the game.
  • The third hash is the No Intro-verified Japanese version of the game.

To see how this will look for the majority of users, go to the game entry page and click on "Linked Hashes."


As you can see below, nointro became no-intro-label and rapatches became rapatches-label.


Suikoden (PlayStation)link

We'll skip the manage hashes example for this one. Let's go straight to "Linked Hashes" on the game entry page:


The hashes labeled with redump, rhdn, and rapatches require patches that are available on both and in the RAPatches repository.


Linking to Patcheslink

  • The first post of a game's forum topic is the best place to include links to patches required.
  • These do not need to follow a specific format, but the information must be clear.
  • Here is one example of how to format the text in the forum:

Input Text:

[b]Suikoden (Europe) (De) (v1.01) (Twisted Phoenix Game Translation)[/b]
[b]Suikoden (Europe) + [url=]German Patch[/url][/b] [img=Images/labels/rhdn.png]
[b]Suikoden (Europe) + [url=]German Patch[/url][/b] [img=Images/labels/rapatches.png]
[i]RA Checksum: [/i]f0c5ec0696aa2ec2d6e5b731fbe07491


  • A second example: Input Text:
[img=Images/labels/rapatches.png] [img=Images/labels/rhdn.png]
Download the patch from RHDN [url=]here[/url].
RAPatches Mirror [url=]here[/url].



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