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Handling Tickets

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Handling Ticketslink

After you've published achievements be prepared for bug reports.

You're expected to keep your work bug free by appropriately resolving tickets. Respond to all tickets as soon as possible. The sooner you respond the better, cause the problem is fresh in the player's mind and you can use them to help you to resolve the problem.

While resolving tickets, leave a brief summary of what you did. If you have an indication of false report leave a message showing what conclusions you've made, and then close the ticket. Closing/Resolving a ticket without leaving any comments is an unwelcome attitude.

Do not declare your plans to work on a game if you have unaddressed tickets. A ticket is considered as addressed once the developer has acknowledged the ticket, commented on it explaining the situation but is unable to resolve the problem immediately due to reasons such as waiting for saves states or more information from the reporter.

If you want to resolve tickets or fix bugs on achievements made by another developer, it's always a good practice to try to contact them and check if they are still active before changing their work. An inactive developers is someone who have have 10 or more open tickets that are older than two months (you can see their open tickets from the Ticket Manager).

If the developer is active, you can assist them in the resolution.

If the developer is inactive you can freely resolve their tickets. If necessary, you may change the achievement description in order to clarify the objective or to match the logic that is present. However, do not deviate from an achievement's concept or objective in any way without an approved revision vote.

If a fellow developer has already started to handle a ticket thru action that can be proved with comment of intent, leave it to them. The user would be given a time of 7 days to handle the ticket after comment. Example: If USERA was fixing a ticket (having left a comment of intent) and then USERX came to undo the work or interrupt the work in progress this would be an issue.


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