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RAQUASI88 is based on QUASI88kai, which is a fork of QUASI88 with various improvements.

Documentation is available in the release archives, or in the repository for the project. Files that do not end with .EN.TXT are in Japanese only.

File Description
QUICK-START.EN.TXT PC-8801 and QUASI88(kai) general information targeted at first-time users
RAQUASI88[.EN].TXT RetroAchievements and RAQUASI88-specific information
QUASI88.TXT QUASI88(kai)-specific information, presented in a digestible format
MANUAL.TXT Exhaustive rundown of options and systems for QUASI88(kai), for advanced users
COMPATIBILITY.TXT Game-specific options required to run or function correctly

The PC-8000/8800 support forum thread, as well as individual game pages and forum threads, also contain some information.


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