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New Achievement Set Checklist

Before you Beginlink

1. Are you free of tickets?link

Before working on new games you must address all open tickets you have. Once you're free of tickets, then go ahead. Tickets are addressed when they are either resolved/closed for a valid reason with a comment on the ticket, or when transferred to reporter and awaiting further information (such as more details, reproduction steps, or save states).

2. Is the game present on the database?link


Then ask for it to be added on Discord #help-me or on our forums and some dev will add it for you. It's essential you choose the right ROM(s) to work with. If you want to work on a ROM hack, check the achievements for ROM hacks doc first.


Good! Go ahead.

3. Does the game already have an achievement set?link


If there is an existing set, don't give up. You can still improve it, by adding/removing/reworking achievements, or make changes to titles and images, etc. However you'll need to go through the set revision process.


Look deeper. Often there are multiple entries in the database for the same game under different titles. Once you're sure, you'll need to check if there's another dev working on the game.

Note: Only one achievement set is allowed per game per console. For details see working with the right ROM.

4. Is another developer working on the game?link

To be sure if there's another dev working on a game, check the game's claims on the game page. This is needed to avoid conflicts between multiple developers working on the same game.


If this is the case, you may not work on the game unless the developer(s) with the claim agree to a collaboration. Do not make a collaboration claim without approval the developer(s) working on the set.

Developers are expected to renew their reservation every three months. Look at the time stamps on the claims history to see when the developer posted a reservation for development. If the developer has not stated or renewed their reservation on the game after three months the claim will expire and then you can make a claim and post your plans to work.


Great! You're free to go ahead! The next step is to announce your plans to develop achievements for the game.