I am too lazy to read the docs

So you want to start to develop some achievements but reading the docs is a boring task, right? If it's your case, keep in mind the following notes:

  • Never Avoid to make achievements with only one condition as much as you can. Otherwise it will most likely pop at the wrong time.

  • If the game has a demo mode (AI plays the game after you wait a while on the title screen), make sure to find the address for it and add a condition so your achievements don't trigger in demo mode. You'll probably need to know how to use PauseIf and ResetIf.

  • Avoid creating achievements for just entering on a stage. As it can be earned by a password or a stage select cheat code. Prefer to make achievements for finishing a stage, like in this template here. Also, do not create achievements for just starting a game or "starting a game with character X".

  • If you wanna create an achievement for getting a specific and unique item in the game, add some conditions to make sure the player got the item where it is supposed to be obtained, like in this template here. Otherwise the achievement will be earnable using password or loading a saved game.

  • Avoid making too many achievements about simple things that need near to no effort. Examples of what NOT to do: get one coin or one mushroom on Super Mario Bros.

  • Be creative with your achievements. Those covering unique features and details of the game are the most welcome. The players love when that little detail of a game they love is supported on an achievement. Reading a Walkthrough on GameFAQs can give some inspiration too.

  • Try spending on the game as much of the time as possible, especially if it's your first attempt on developing achievements. It takes time to know the game more from the inside, and how the memory works there is the best source of ideas for unique achievements.