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Updating Existing Game Icons

Sonic the Hedgehog's game icon
Sonic the Hedgehog Icon


If you would like to improve by replacement an existing game icon (aka game trophy) you absolutely can.

Follow the rules below and your new icon entry will be pitted in a head-to-head fight with the standing icon. The popular vote which will take place in the #Game-Icon-Gauntlet Discord channel and will determine which stays and which goes. All verified Discord members are eligible to cast their deciding vote.

The rules for the Game Icon Gauntletlink

  • Any user can submit a new game icon.
  • Icon submissions must be related to the game.
  • Recommended: Icons are best created at 32x32, 64x64 or 96x96. Create PNG image files for best quality.
  • Send submission ideas via Direct Message (Discord) or a Private Message (RetroAchievements mail) to Spawncalibur. Or post them in this forum topic, also referencing the submission's game.
  • Optional: Send the original source of the new image to Spawncalibur.
  • The vote takes place in the #Game-Icon-Gauntlet Discord channel and open is to all Verified (green name) Discord users.
  • Votes will last 3 days.
  • Select only one reaction per vote.
  • If tie happens there will be a revote.

If you would like to make other changes to an achievement set and you're a developer see the Achievement Set Revisions.


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