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RALPER Discord bot

In this page you can see the complete command list of our RALPER discord bot.

The bot is enabled on #general, #help-me, #botspam and some other channels, but if you just wanna play with/test RALPER, use #botspam.

about RALPERlink


getting "ralp"link


"ralping" userslink

!manual-award !manual-unlock
!missing-cheevos !cheevos-dont-load
!downloads !download !dl
!radocs-dev-start !dev-start

"ralping" RetroArch userslink

!radocs-meminspector !meminspector
!radocs-delta !delta
!radocs-hitcounts !hitcounts
!radocs-pauseif !pauseif
!radocs-resetif !resetif
!radocs-altgroups !altgroups
!radocs-dev-roadmap !dev-roadmap
!radocs-badges !badges
!radocs-leaderboards !leaderboards
!radocs-richpresence !rps

getting the list of games with cheevoslink