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RA Discord server

Brief description of the purpose of the most important channels at RetroAchievements Discord server.

Note: Some channels won't be visible to every user.


Where you can discuss whatever you want.


A place to ask for help and getting the answers. Nothing more.

On the other channels of our server we are not so rigorous of what is considered off-topic, but we want to reinforce that the #help-me channel should be used only for help.

By the way, if you like to help others, maybe you'll find the RALPER bot useful.


A channel to play with the our bots.

DISCUSSION categorylink


The channel where achievement developers and Jr. developers share experience and chat about anything they want.


The channel to discuss the development and testing of RALibretro, RAIntegration and RAEmus.

If you're a C/C++ programmer, you'll like to join here. And even if you are not a programmer, but a user of those softwares, you are welcome on this channel too. As it can also be used to explain better a feature requests, a bug report, etc. for each one of those softwares. Although, keep in mind that using the respective issue tracker on the right repository is the recommended way to request/report something.


A place to discuss the development of the official website and the documentation site, respectively RAWeb and RADocs.


Many RetroAchievements users enjoy this feature through RetroArch, then this is the place where RetroArch users share knowledge and help each other.


Where achievement developers vote and discuss about revisions on achievement sets.


A channel for our patrons. It's just a way to let the patrons reach the leadership of RA more directly.

Note: We do NOT give preference to patron requests to the detriment of another member of the community. We simply give preference to reasonable requests.


For non-devs and Jr.-Devs to ask development questions, keep on topic.

NEWS categorylink

The channels on this category are not for chatting, but a way to let admins, mods, and other contributors make important announcements.

Most of channels' names are pretty descriptive:

  • #achievement-news - any developer can post new of new sets here. user KingDice checks and post most new sets.
  • #community-news - general community news and events.
  • #developer-news - any developer can post developer news, if you're not sure if it's news worthy ask an admin.
  • #retroarch-news - where staff announce what's new on RetroArch regarding achievements feature.
  • #mastery-news - a log of sets mastered by players.

INFO categorylink


Not a chat channel.

We have a bot that posts notifications on this channel everytime something change on RAWiki or RADocs. Just an way to keep an eye on what's changing on our documentation project.


Not a chat channel.

We have a bot that posts notifications on this channel everytime something change on the database where the official achievements are stored (a.k.a. Core Set). This is a useful way to keep an eye if achievements are being demoted and if new cheevos are being released. But keep in mind that this is just a bot output. The official announcement of a new achievement set will be posted on the #achievement-news channel.


A channel where people share links to legally free games. PLEASE DO NOT SHARE ILLEGAL COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL HERE!

MEDIA categorylink


A place to share inspiring pictures and cute cats photos.


A place for sh!tposting memes. Dinosaurs. Busses. Mario Party.


Where people share links to let others watch them streaming gameplays.

INTERNATIONAL categorylink

Channels where you can use your native language.