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My game is not loading achievements

Maybe you loaded up your game but you see a popup:
no achievements 1
Then you check the overlay (typically ESC) and see:
no achievements 2


Maybe you got these messages:
new title cannot add title

Either your game doesn't have achievements yet or more likely you have the incorrect ROM.

Just to be sure, search for the game name and check matching results.
It's also good to ask on the front page chat or in Discord if you are unsure.

There are very many unique and similar ROMs for every game, for reasons we won't get into right now.

If your game has achievements but your ROM isn't in our system either you'll need to find the correct ROM or get support for your ROM. Check the top post of the forum page (Example: Super Mario Bros.). Forum pages for games are found at the bottom of the achievement list on game pages:

Also check some of the last posts in the game forum page and the game page wall comments for clues on which ROM you'll need. The correct ROM name and checksum might not be listed yet and you'll need to ask for it. (We're working on it getting them all visibly listed.) If you can't find it, request it in the game's for page or ask for help in Discord or on the site chat on the front page.

You can also contribute to the community by getting support for your ROM, if it's compatible. Post the checksum of your existing ROM in the forum of that game and also the exact name you have for it and a developer will review it with you to see if it is compatible.

How to find the checksum of your ROM.

for more details about checksumming read here.