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How to contribute if you are not a developer

Even if you don't know how to create achievements there are many ways to contribute with the RetroAchievements community. Here are some examples.

Report broken achievementslink

If an achievement triggered at a wrong time or didn't trigger at all, please report it. We know that many users love free points, but please, even if an achievement triggered at a wrong time, report it!

Another important situation that needs to be reported is a cheevo triggering by using some kind of cheat in the game (e.g. stage select code), or by loading a saved game.

To report a broken cheevo go to RetroAchievements -> Report Broken Achievements, this feature is only available on official emulators (not on RetroArch).

See this example:

how to report.

Add details of the state of your game, when it triggered/didn't trigger, what game mode, where you were when it happened/didn't happen, if you had reset the game recently, anything else you think may be relevant to the achievement. This is necessary for our system so the devs know where there is a problem.

Suggest cool achievements/challengeslink

If you know a game very well, you probably can have some cool ideas of challenges for the game. Post your ideas on the forum topic related to the game.

We have a guide on how to think about and design good achievements, not the technical side but the conceptual. Then even non-developers can get some inspiration from that info.

Feedback is always welcomelink

Give feedback in the forums about what you like or dislike about the achievements sets. Be specific and leave details.

Make badges for achievementslink

If you like to play with graphics you can create some art for the achievements badges or icons for the games. Using the screenshot feature from the emulator itself can help with this, and then you can edit to make something cool.

You can see more info about it on the Badge and Icon Creation page.

Participate in community eventslink

Such as Achievement of the Week, Leaderboard of the Week or other events that happens on our discord server.