This project is an attempt to put together the guides, tutorials, tips and tricks about RetroAchievements development and any other interesting information for the community.

Before this project started the knowledge about cheevos development was scattered in several RetroAchievements.org forum posts, making the learning experience harder for a novice developer. In fact most part of what we have here were originally taken from those forum posts, but ordered in a somewhat more coherent sequence.

The RetroAchievements Documentation Project is divided into two parts:

  1. RetroAchievements wiki
  2. RetroAchievements docs

The wiki is where these documents are created and edited. Anyone (with a github account) is able to edit the wiki's content. Then, if you have something to share, please edit the wiki!

The RetroAchievements docs website has (almost) the same content as the wiki, but with a more pleasant look. The content of this website is generated by its maintainers using the wiki's content as input.

When a change is made in the wiki this change is NOT instantaneously reflected in the docs. The conversion is performed by a maintainer from time to time.